At Radon Protect Nelson we offer many ways to help you protect your family, from consulting for the DIY crowd to complete measurement services and installing radon-reducing systems (mitigation). Whether you're building a new home or working with an existing one, we offer cost effective options.

The most common type of mitigation is Sub Slab Depressurization. This is when you capture the radon from underneath the concrete slab and exhaust it outside before it enters your home.
 Other types may include simply using a Heat Recovery Ventilation system to exchange the air in your home. There are many considerations when choosing the system that fits your house the best. So call today for an appointment.



Radon Resistant New Construction 

If you are a contractor or building your own home, we can help you design and install your "Passive system" that is now required by the BC Building Code.

Call today and find out what other options are available to you when installing a passive type system.